Universal Standard of Morality?

How is the world so divided? Where does this polarization in our American culture come from? If we claim to live in ‘land of the free and the home of the brave,’ where OH WHERE is this true?

Recently, Karen Armstrong’s 2008 acceptance speech of her TED ‘wish’ (see http://www.ted.com/) got me thinking about what cuts through racism, petty comparisons, the ever-insidious fear of what we don’t understand, and the belief systems, religions, cultures and languages that appear to divide us.

Armstrong’s TED wish was to form a Charter of Compassion, after discovering that the commonality linking the Abrahamic religions was a variation of The Golden Rule: (basically) treat others as you wish to be treated. That said, the quality that allows us to grasp the grand interconnectivity of all mankind is….compassion.

What is so difficult about expressing compassion in larger and larger degrees until we are able to embrace all mankind? And first of all, is this even possible?


One thought on “Universal Standard of Morality?

  1. Yes, of course it’s possible. As much as we drop any sense of a life apart from infinite good, we are truly compassionate because we are then a long way from setting ourselves apart and measuring who we are based on limited resources, be they biological, financial, cultural or personal.

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