Food Glorious Food

Who doesn’t like a good meal? Well, actually I know a few. My uncle and aunt thrive off wheat grass and luke warm water- with a lemon wedge. But personally, I prefer to eat well. And by well I mean: local, organic, with a heavy emphasis on top of the line ingredients. And of course, a healthy flair of creativity, innovation and love that I’ve found to accompany a well prepared dish.

My love of food and the adventures that tend to shadow adventurous eaters was cultivated by a dear friend of mine with a generous appetite and desire to open up the world of good food to me. Together, we have sought out hole in the wall ethnic restaurants in China Town for some authentic dim sum, slurped on spicey noodles in a Nepali restaurant, and dined on vanilla ice cream complete with sea salt and olive oil for the first time (and probably the last) at a very contemporary pizzaria.

Over dinner our conversations range from talking about our friends, our similar likes (Amy Sedaris, inappropriate humor and correct grammar usage), and most of all- our meal. Talking about the food, as it is enjoyed, enhances the experience. It asks one to intellectually engage in the meal instead of reverting to mindless eating (I call it potato chip syndrome). As a result I have had many memorable meals with my fellow gastronomic enthusiast that I can vividly remember. For me, eating well and enjoying every stage of the meal in all of its intensity (or lack of) like pangs of hunger, the discussion over the proper nourishment for the said pangs, traveling to the meal (which can be its own adventure), the anticipation, drooling over the menu, ordering strange sounding dishes……etc etc. And of course, the meal itself.

My suggestion: slow down, eat well, enjoy, digest, reminisce. Reapeat.

Here’s a link to make your mouth water:

Hopefully my stomach will lead me there soon.


One thought on “Food Glorious Food

  1. Another catchy opening to your post! It’s funny and entertaining. It’s unique. You really should write more. I love it!

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