A Revealing

Tomorrow we leave for the Grand Canyon. I am certain that by the end if the trip, I will have changed. I will know more about the soul of the world. It’s an audacious statement but I feel it to be true. I will know more of the juicy parts of existence that philosophy and psychology try to get at- the true nature of the relationship between man and the universe. I’ve found that nature has a way of revealing what has always been there- our unbroken connection to something bigger than our lives, our feelings and our desires. Nature takes the comforts and dulling influences of life that can attempt to jade even the most vivacious of us and strips us and allows us to wallow in our temporary nakedness and vulnerability. But then we are blessed with a new clarity of vision. We see the connections that make cycles of death and life- renewal, celebration and rebirth- and realize we’ve always been part of something bigger. The scales of urbanized life are wiped off our eyes and we behold blatant secrets of the universe. We see that love reigns, holy beauty is common yet inexplicable and that life itself is a miracle of meaning. Life isn’t a searching anymore. Now it is a being. This journey begins tomorrow and though I will not dare to predict what it will hold, I know it will be grand.


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