Poetry Moves Mountains

Poetry moves mountains
What are words but immortal ideas sealed by faith
A song by a bird that never dies
In a fire that never goes out?

I write them because I have to
They come to me like children
With flowers in their arms
And embrace me with fragrant wings

And the soaring is irresistible
The words seize me by the collar
By the nape of my soft neck
With gentle, motherly teeth
And grasp me and take me beyond
Into the immortal

Poems move mountains
Stone melts
Oceans part
Seas dry up
The sun bows its glorious head
And planets dance in unison

Because the earth bows to the power of ideas
Because it is what we are, who we are
That’s why we respond
That’s why we can’t help it
We’re in our element
We are sealed into them
And always have been



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