Dear God

Dear God,

Like a bird I weep softly at the dawning of the day

And my weeping is sweet a renewing of the spirit like a cleansing rain

I am borrowed it feels, like I am far from home

And I wait with expectancy at this new day and weep

Partly with joy at this beauty before me and also for the heavenly homesickness I feel,

Like a mother calling her own from afar when I cannot answer.


I weep to be with Thee, my dear One

My dear Father. I, like that bird, am washed in tears

Of a new morning- the breaking of a new day

And the sad, continued yearning of wanting to come home

Call me, Father, and I will answer. I will follow thee

Wherever thou goest. I wait and feel your presence with me

Hear, a welling up of warmth, and a tender assurance of care

I yearn, I yearn, I yearn

And am grateful for what I know of You


Like a servant, I am waiting for your sweet request

Your command that draws me ever nigh unto thee

That blessed panoply of security and knowing,

Knowing my worth in you, knowing my wealth in you

Knowing my joy in you.

I will await and joy all the while, I will wait for every

Breath of sweet music that falls from heaven onto my knitted brow

Assuaging my frustrations, my worries, and I am at peace,

Knowing I am being held. Knowing I am being carried. That I always have been

And will be forever more.


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