God Should Be….

God should be a household name
Like Kleenex and Clorox
God should not be a man
That comes around at times to pay His delayed child support
Never staying long enough to convince you that He loves you

God should be as common as grass
And as consistently inspiring as a blue sky
Notice how you never get tired of commenting
On the clarity of the heavens

He should be as real as the cup of tea that warms grandma’s heart
And He should be as solid as the wooden chair you sit in at dinner
He should be a She; the divine They should remain distinct and together whole

God should not be far off
She should not be like a car
Always needing a tank of gasoline
–your prayers—
to begin, to go, to take you

God should not be separate
It shouldn’t even be you AND God

What about just Being?
Aren’t we all included in the good
That is God which is all Good?
Separation is obsolete, a myth
And the divine Us is All
All good, all love, all life

All God

And that is eternally enough


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