Real Rose Person

I feel like I’m a real person at last

In the flesh, like a rose

In a garden

Singing little petal songs

On a foggy day

Being planted in the ground with a sturdy soul

My barrier of barbs but a distracting prelude from my blossoming life

That faces the sun in salute and kisses the rays like a new mother does her child

That is me: the rosy faced, new parent of a new passion, a new view of life

The one, in fact, that always was and will always be

Are you ready for the deluge? The wonderful shower of it all

So let it come dear child and let your roots become you too

And don’t hesitate to suck up the nutritious life juices brewing

At your feet, within reach

Just be that planted joy

And like a bulb that never goes out, delight us with your perennial light

And be in the garden


2 thoughts on “Real Rose Person

  1. The rose has no fear of its thorns nor the damage they might do to a careless visitor. The rose relaxes in its beauty and purpose. It brightens the garden without caring too much. Although there’s one rose per stem, no flower is alone. It senses the stalk and trunk and roots that make it what it is. The rose doesn’t try to smell sweet and feel soft. It just is.

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