Living in in-between moments, “From Nest To Flight”

There exist some especially interesting moments in life that I call in-between moments. I liken these moments to the split second you hang in the air between swings on the monkey bars. These in-between moments are the moments in which you reach out, in faith, or desperation, grasping for something solid to hold onto. In these moments, you are suspended, hoping and vulnerable as you let go of what seems familiar and reach out to grasp a larger fullness.

I once heard someone say that real living happens not in the moments from “monkey bar” to “monkey bar”, so to speak, but rather that we are truly alive in those moments that we spend between “monkey bars” or familiar feelings, or places. It is when we draw up enough courage, trust and faith to gather inertia, swing forward, and with our freed hand, reach with a readiness to accept what we find. These moments are scary. But in them I have found that I have truly grown. The poem below, From Nest To Flight, was inspired by living in one of these in-between moments. Enjoy, and may you let go of the false safety of stale thinking and reach out for fresh and inspired views.


From Nest To Flight


I am in it

This truth of mine encompasses my room like a nest

It is warm, a comfort from the heart

A reliable old song sung on dreary gray afternoons

Turning the dark to light and sadness to quiet hope

And now my truth is clear and back again like a robin, flying away to return and bring me sustenance, a word of encouragement, strength, tidings of joy

And she sings lullabies and helps me find my wings

But that was then


The robin of conscience no longer comes to my nest of hope

She knows she has taught me my wings and that I know how to use them

I have known for a long time but I keep wanting to be sung to,

To be coddled with tidbits of grace and feathers of motherly comfort

But I am being asked to fly

I know there will be more feathers to nestle my face into

More songs to carry my voice away and leave me in a lighter place

More vistas, treetops in the most magnificent places, mountain peaks,

Lonely shores, jagged rock canyons and blissful meadows alight with spring hues

And I know they are outside of this nest

It is no longer an incubator of infantile promise but a full-fledged

Launch pad into the sky beyond


Let’s face it: I out grew this nest long ago

Me, the one always at the ready

Me, always taking on the next obstacle, knowing I am girded with grace,

Me, the fearless lover of mankind, the helping hand, the selfless neighbor, the grateful son and the loyal brother, the ever thoughtful friend, the artist of life, the musician of the mind, the servant of my God, the joy of the morning, the dreamer of possibility, the muse of eternity and the light of the world

All this, and I am afraid to leave this nest

This nest turned from a hopeful harbor into prison of stale anxiety long ago

I am no longer safe here; I grow root bound, tight, gnarled and stunted, trying to fit

A space that is not mine, but hopelessly I try and make it mine

It is a dying place that is killing me and yet I cling onto it with desperate familiarity

Would I rather live in this sty than soar with the remarkable grace of wings in upward winds?


So why do I tolerate being here any longer? My core stirs with my truth’s awakening and I see the steps illuminated before me with kindness, mercy, courage, strength and rest

They beckon; my life beckons and I twitch uncertainly, unsure of how to meet it, like a child greeting a parent he hasn’t seen for years

My life is familiar, a colorful reverie of buoyant joys, selfless deeds, boundless imaginings and noble strivings; the accomplishments that can only be accomplished through grace and love, and I smile. My life beckons me; a robin alights on my shoulder, reassuring me of this next step

“It only feels like a leap, my dearest child. But I have given you strong wings, a noble heart, a kind touch and a soul wealthy with generosity. Fly, and see how free you already are.”

I breathe in, pivot and lean over the edge. I don’t close my eyes, I want to see what I have been waiting for.


4 thoughts on “Living in in-between moments, “From Nest To Flight”

  1. fly, fly, fly! when you let go, leave the nest, soar, that’s when you are truly free. that’s when you can best know yourself, can best feel how strong you are, how much you are capable of doing.

  2. Wowsy. This reminds me of what it must feels like to lean on the sustaining infinite instead of day-to-day events, memories and hopes (the monkey bars). Thank-you. I love what you say about music. Mrs. Eddy considered spiritual truth like the science of music always there to correct false tones because it is what it is. Your courage is like truth that’s not “compromised by conscience to suit the general drift of thought.” (MBE) Your faith is like coming into the light eager to be reproved. I can’t help thinking the robin is sound morals reminding us that we have the strength to not compromise and that listening to God is the most supremely natural thing there is. Your poem also reminds me of another that includes: “deliverance to the captives of sense, And recovering of sight to the blind, To set at liberty them that are bruised.”

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