Make it brief: there are chateaux to see ‘a yonder


I have to be at the Porte Dauphine stop by 7:10am tomorrow morning to catch a 2 hr bus ride avec notre groupe to the Loire Valley to see some chateux. It’s gonna be beautiful! That said, this is going to be an unseasonably short post ’cause I’m gettin’ in bed. But, better than nothing. This is a blogging amuse bouche if you will. (amuse bouche: like a little morsel of food meant to invigorate your palette– literally translates to, yes, mouth fun, or fun for your mouth).

D’accord. Recap:

• Class today as always. So fun but it’s hard not to get drowzy after your second warm, cozy petit cafe and a madeleine from your friend Trisha (thanks, by the way).

• Guess what? Our sociology interview got rescheduled. So guess who got a free afternoon!? Had a great lunch with Laura and Julia– explored Printemps, the first department store basically in the world. It’s really high end these days. Julia wanted to buy a tea cup. Then we saw that it was almost 90 euro. Haha. NO.

• Then I promptly went home and napped. I was so exhausted. As I mentioned before, I have been going non-stop. We all have. And I leaped on the opportunity to rest. It was glorious! I forgot how it felt to not to feel like I was going to fall over or drool, eyes glazed over. Just kidding. Kind of.

• I was so awake! at dinner tonight. Laurence made salmon and this amazing cooked green been, tomato, and red pepper salad. WHAT? Everything is always amazing. Duh, and there was fresh bread, as always. Love it.

• Just skyped with my dear friend Heather Libbe who’s training me into the head position of a camp program she created a few years ago within a summer camp. I got to get excited about an amazing summer that will be awaiting me when my time in France ends AND I got to talk with her. The. Best.

PS I’ve included purposely boring photos– a few shots from me walking to school. Believe it or not, not everything is a monument. Well, kind of. There’s a good chance everything is much older than you. But still. I wanted to give you a little idea of what I see everyday. I hope to take more but I felt really self-conscious with my camera out because I do not live in a touristy area at all. (I held it at belly level so I wouldn’t appear as conspicuous…)


7 thoughts on “Make it brief: there are chateaux to see ‘a yonder

  1. I’m so jealous of you! I want to visit! Also, are you actually attending a French university or are you just taking an intensive French language course?

    • I would definitely love to do France with you somehow, sometime!!! Oh the things we’d eat… I am in an intensive language course. I would recommend the one I’m in to anyone. I’m learning a lot.

  2. Hey Friend. The photos are awesome, particularly the first of the open door. It is beautifully suggestive. I love it.

  3. Love all your blogs, but I have not received photos on last two if you sent them. Will try to find out why.

    When do you leave PARIS?


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