Mama you were there;

That breath of wind on a hot evening,

That sing song voice of water in a well,

The chill of sweat on my back,

As I cried into your hands.

Mama, you kept me

In the blue place of your heart;

In spidery-nest of your hair,

Mama you kept me.

I sunk into your shawl of night

And the whisper of your leaves.

You comforted me in the storm,

Stroked my hair when the lightning blared

And the earth opened at my feet.

Mama, you were there and you kept me.

A woman of the earth,

and a girl of the stars,

Mama you kept me.

I strove to be your son,

In all the perfect ways,

But mama you scolded me.

You are my son, my foolish child,

In all the perfect ways.

Strive not.

And you hushed me into a lullabye,

Poured tea into the cup of your long hands,

And fed me sleep, a deep rest called Comfort.

Mama, you loved me into my own bright day.

Mama, you sung me into life.

Mama, you kept me

And you keep me still.


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